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What is Timocco?

Timocco is an online, therapeutic gaming environment specifically designed for children with special needs. Using motion based technology, Timocco's games respond to the child’s movements. Timocco’s patented tracking software allows any webcam to identify and follow player’s movements by following objects held by the player.


Timocco’s broad range of games have been specially designed by Occupational Therapists to provide interactive and motivating opportunities for developing motor, cognitive and communication abilities. 

Who can benefit from Timocco?

Timocco addresses functional and skill based goals that are relevant for a range of different therapeutic populations:  

Autism -

  • Meaningfully engage with their environment

  • Improve communication skills: cooperation and joint attention

  • Develop body awareness, improve movement planning and organization,  balance and postural control

  • Refine and coordinate movements

  • Enhance motor control, accuracy and efficiency

  • Learn to follow instructions and sequencing of steps

  • Modify their response to sensory input – tactile, proprioceptive, visual and auditory input and feedback

  • Improve visual perception and discrimination

  • Improve cognitive abilities such as memory, sequencing and categorization

  • Enhance motivation to reach optimal participation



  • Improve attention, memory and sequencing skills

  • Improve executive functions such as inhibitory control and shifting attention

  • Develop sustained and selective attention

  • Maintain an extended concentration and attention span


Learning Disabilities -

  • Learn through movement in a fun and motivating virtual environment

  • Improve cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, sequencing, categorization

  • Learn quantity perception, number and letter recognition

  • Improve visual perception and discrimination

  • Improve memory and comprehension of visual and auditory sequences

  • Increase self-efficacy through participation in a positive learning environment and experiences of success


Developmental Coordination Disorder - 

  • Develop body awareness, improve movement planning and organization, balance and postural control

  • Develop upper body strength and coordination

  • Enhance motor control, accuracy and efficiency

  • Facilitate crossing of the midline