therapeutic listening

Therapeutic listening is an “evidence-based auditory intervention intended to support individuals who experience challenges with sensory processing dysfunction, listening, attention, and communication.”

"Therapeutic Listening is not a listening therapy approach that consists of one program that must be followed in a certain order. The various albums included in Therapeutic Listening can be arranged in a number of different sequences to address a client’s specific clinical picture and goals. Unlike other listening therapy programs, Therapeutic Listening programs are not formulaic, and cannot be mapped out at the beginning of therapy. Instead, they are more like a dialogue between therapist and client where progressions are based on practical guidelines and on how the client responds to each music selection." (Vital links) 

If your therapist feels Therapeutic Listening may be beneficial for your child, she may implement it during his or her therapy session.

The full Therapeutic Listening protocol will require an additional commitment by the parent to implement at home under the supervision of your therapist. For those interested in beginning or continuing Therapeutic Listening at home, Rock Star Therapy offers the following three-month contract.

Rock Star Therapy offers a rental program for clients recommended to complete the Therapeutic Listening protocol in the home:

Your rental agreement will include: MP3 Player, Headphones & Music: $350 rental fee (3 month duration) + damage deposit.

Damage deposit: $150 refundable damage deposit. If equipment is damaged or not returned, deposit will not be refunded.

* If you decide the commitment or cost of the Therapeutic Listening program is too great, your therapist will still implement it during treatment sessions should she find it to be an appropriate therapeutic modality for your child. 


** All music must be purchased by a Therapeutic Listening Certified Provider.