SP.OT Co-Treatment (Speech therapy & Occupational Therapy delivered together)

A Rock Star Therapy Specialty

Speech/OT Co-Treatment (SP.OT) is an extremely effective treatment option particularly for children on the autism spectrum or for those with sensory processing difficulties.  


An Occupational Therapist trained in sensory integration can provide meaningful strategies for children who have sensory difficulties. These strategies can help regulate a child's central nervous system so they may better access their environment for learning new skills. Some children exhibit behaviors related to dysregulation that interfere with goal implementation and acquisition because they are not clearly understanding/interpreting their environment (sounds, smells, touch). An OT can help with sensory integration so that speech goals can be better accessed and other OT goals addressed in the therapy session. 

Speech Language Pathologists are masters at managing communicative language. When kiddos have difficulty with functional communication, and/or pragmatic language (social use of language), the result can be extreme frustration. Rock Star Therapy endorses an evidence based total communication approach.


SP.OT treatments allow clients access to both speech and OT in seamless collaboration while addressing goals from a slightly different lens.

**Please note that co-treatment is not always the best option. Co-treatment will only be utilized to improve therapy and not to provide less service to a child.