improve your game with interactive metronome

Why interactive metronome?

"Athletes are well aware of the importance of timing, coordination and split-second decision-making. Anyone who has missed a buzzer-beating shot or finished second by a fraction of a second knows that it was a matter of milliseconds between victory and defeat. Sometimes good just isn’t good enough; it’s time to be great!"


"That is where Interactive Metronome® (IM) can help. IM training has been used by athletes of various disciplines, both amateur and professional, with great success. Whether you are swinging a golf club or baseball bat, coordinated movement is responsible for your success. Greater neural efficiency results in more efficient brain connectivity, communication and synchronization between the essential brain networks. To put it simply, restoring your brain’s timing and rhythm results in improved processing and more fluid movement."

Sports teams that have benefited from IM

Miami Heat (NBA)                      

Florida Panthers (NHL)

Miami Dolphins (NFL) 

University of Notre Dame 

Syracuse University

University of North

University of Miami