Behavioral Feeding Therapy

Having a picky eater or a non-eater (a child who refuses solids even though solids are age appropriate), can be extremely frustrating. If your child has no medical reason he or she should not be eating a variety of age appropriate foods, behavioral feeding therapy may be indicated. Many picky or non-eaters have sensory processing difficulties causing them to over respond to input in or around the mouth more so than same age peers. They may show anxiety around meal times, limit themselves to foods with specific textures or tastes, show over sensitivity to food temperatures, or refuse solid food altogether. 


Some children are under responsive to sensory input in or around the mouth and may "stuff" their food or store it in their cheeks. They may not chew their food enough before swallowing, increasing their risk of choking. They may not sense how hot foods are and may demonstrate increased biting of their tongue or lips. If your child is showing difficulty with feeding, contact Rock Star Therapy today.